Wedding Colours

Choosing your wedding colour themes can be tricky for any couple starting their wedding plans. So here are a few hints and tips which might help.

panatones top colours for 2017

Each year the lovely people at Pantone issue a colour palette that will filter down through many items we buy, from the paint on our walls to the clothes that we wear and this can be used as a great starter. These will also filter down to bridesmaids dresses and even to a venue that might be changing its interior decor and that’s where the two main areas that we advise couple to consider when choosing their colour theme come from.

Your bridesmaids dresses, if you do have a particular colour in you head and nothing will change that, then don’t fight against it, just go with it. Then tie in your wedding stationery, favours and of course your flowers. ¬†However, please bear in mind that some colours could clash with your venue decor, especially if it has really strong colours.

For example, take a venue with deep purple walls, teamed with a dark aubergine, will work against colours such as yellow, orange or royal blue.

On occasions like this we would advise to work with the room decor. Choose a completing venue style, such as white linen & purple or aubergine sashes. You can of course match them with your bridesmaids dresses too, however they don’t all have to match.

If your venue has more neutral tones such as pale silvers, gold or creams these are a lot more flexible when it comes to injecting stronger colours such as reds, blues, greens etc, this decor can give you more flexibility and can be easier to add in your colour theme as the room decor isn’t too over powering.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and as a venue stylist we have lots of colours and fabrics to choose from. Therefore speak to your stylist who will offer advise based on their knowledge of the venue and current trends.

Happy planning!

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